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Robert Burns and Edinburgh beauty, Agnes (Nancy) McLehose conducted a passionate love affair that gave rise to a famous series of letters written under the pen names Clarinda and Sylvander.

On 6 December 1791, Burns met Nancy, in Edinburgh, for the last time. She had decided to join her now prosperous husband in Jamaica. After returning to Dumfries, Burns sent the immortal love song `Ae Fond Kiss' to Nancy, capturing the pangs of lost love in his words in a way that has echoed over the centuries.

Burns and Nancy never met again though she remembered the day of their parting forever. At the age of 72, in her journal, under the date 6th December 1831 - 40 years to the day after they last met - she wrote
This day I never can forget. Parted with Burns, in the year 1791, never more to meet in this world, Oh may we meet in Heaven.

Clarinda” is a new Scottish musical play, written by Mike Gibb and Kevin Walsh, which sees the events and relationships she was involved in from Nancy’s perspective. Witty, courageous, flirtatious and coy in turns, she was in many ways untypical of her period.  Though almost 200 years have passed, Nancy’s story remains as relevant today as it did then.

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